International Women’s Rights Day – March 8, 2019

This year, the Collective March 8, including the FTQ, decided to highlight the importance of this day by renaming it International Women’s Rights Day.

This name – already used elsewhere – aims to give a militant and feminist perspective to the event, and recalls the importance of continuing to denounce the many forms of discrimination, inequality and violence against women.

The theme of March 8, 2019: Respect, it manifests itself!

Given the years of neoliberal austerity and their impact on women, the persistence of sexual and sexual violence everywhere, troll attacks on women on social media, discrimination and inequality they continue to suffer from. work … this theme has become self-evident this year.

For the Collective March 8, it is more than time to act, individually and collectively, in favor of equality and women’s rights, because respect is a value that manifests itself!

 The visual: a call to action and solidarity

The visual takes up the universal feminist symbol ♀ inside which one finds the raised arm of a woman and her fist, like that of a demonstrator. Finally, the visual symbolizes the importance of action and solidarity to achieve equality for all and all.

The pin: a symbol of feminist struggles

By wearing the March 8 pin, we affirm that we are feminists and show our determination to continue the fight for full respect of our fundamental rights, including the equality of women and men.


In the age of social media, we invite you to use this hashtag for your actions and communications surrounding March 8th or just to comment on the news.

The March 8th Collective represents more than 700,000 women in Quebec from autonomous women’s groups and labor organizations.

The material can be downloaded here.