The FTQ Construction has just won a new arbitration decision on the definition of heavy industry in St-Eustache. AP&C Revêtements et poudres avancées inc. and general contractors, Frare & Gallant and Tri-Tech Electrique inc. refused to recognize that the construction of the new plant is a construction covered by the definition of heavy industry provided for in section 1.01 (21) of the industrial collective agreement.

Since they considered that the construction of the plant was not a heavy industry within the meaning of Article 1.01 (21) of the collective agreement applicable to the industrial sector, they therefore refused to apply the special provisions of the Convention. of the industrial sector applicable to heavy industry work. Employees assigned to work related to this project did not receive what the collective agreement of the industrial sector provides for when they work in heavy industry, including in particular Appendix B-2 entitled “Trades wage rates”. , specialties and occupations of employees assigned to work in heavy industry. ”