Health and security course

The General Health and Safety on Construction Sites course is compulsory for all workers on Quebec construction sites. It lasts 30 hours and is divided in 20 modules.

Its purpose is to offer basic information regarding the current Safety Code for the construction industry. FTQ‑Construction offers this course to anyone who wishes to work in the industry.

The course is only offered in French.


200$ cash.


The course is offered in Montréal. Our Montréal offices are located at 9671 Metropolitain Blvd. East, Suite 201.

To sign up, please visit our offices with $200 cash and a proof of identity.

For more information, call: 514-381-7300 (Toll-free: 1-877-666-4060)

Course schedule: Montréal office

12-13-19-20 january 2019 Finished
2-3-9-10 february 2019 Finished
23-24 february and 2-3 march 2019 Finished
16-17-23-24 march 2019 Finished
6-7-13-14 april 2019 Finished
27-28 april and 4-5 may 2019 Full
18-19-25-26 may 2019 Full
8-9-15-16 june 2019 Place(s) Available
6-7-13-14 july 2019 Place(s) Available
17-18-24-25 august 2019 Place(s) Available
7-8-14-15 september 2019 Place(s) Available
28-29 september and 5-6 october 2019 Place(s) Available
26-27 october and 2-3 november 2019 Place(s) Available
16-17-23-24 november 2019 Place(s) Available
7-8-14-15 december 2019 Place(s) Available

Inscription Fee Refund

Who is admissible?

If you are a future construction  worker who has followed training through the FTQ Construction or its affiliates, you are eligible to an Inscription fee refund of 150$.

How it works?

When you join the FTQ Construction and recieve your first paycheck as a construction worker, you can contact with us and ask for your refund.

It is important to contact us at 514-381-7300 or 1-877-666-4060.