FTQ-Construction strives for flexible and simple decision-making. The construction industry is inherently in a state of constant evolution (on average, a worksite is open for two and half months). We cannot sit around and wait for decisions to be made. Time is of the essence in the daily flow of the industry.


Our Federation is therefore governed by a Board, which is responsible for determining major orientations. Since these issues usually deal with long-term policies, our Board meets every three years.

Council of Directors and Representatives

Our Council of Directors and Representatives is responsible for making FTQ-Construction’s decisions between Board meetings. This Council is made up of directors from each local union affiliated to FTQ-Construction and of the representatives responsible for on-site workers. It is a direct democracy in that Council members are in daily contact with on-site workers.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing decisions and carrying out instructions from the Board and the Council of Directors and Representatives.