What is «Heavy Industry»?

The FTQ Construction wins a grievance in first appearance about the definition of Heavy industry.

In a decision rendered the 2nd of august, the arbitrator Robert Rivest accepted the union plea to define the Port-Cartier pyrolysis factory as Heavy industry, which means, workers on the site have bonified conditions.

The FTQ Construction pleaded that the special bonified conditions applied to the site. The construction site is under the Industrial bargaining unit and had some of the characteristics of the Heavy Industry appellation. The working conditions differ if the site is considered Heavy or conventional industry. They are more generous for Heavy industry.

Guillaume Tessier, Local 9 representative, visited the site on umerous occasions and witnessed proofs that the facrtory would be a chemical processing factory. The FTQ Construction brought those facts pleading that the transformation of wood pulp into bio-oil is a chemical operation, and so, since chemical factories are considered Heavy industry, the workers on the site should be receiving bonified conditions.

The arbitrator accepted our arguments and declared that the remuneration has to be bonified retrospectively.

And you? Are you certain your construction site is under the right appellation? If you have any doubts, contact your representative.