Our mission

FTQ-Construction’s is mandated with negotiating collective agreements in the construction industry’s subsectors (residential, industrial, commercial and institutional, civil engineering and roadwork) and ensuring their application. Beyond this traditional duty, FTQ-Construction strives to take part in public debate relevant to the workers it represents.
FTQ-Construction believes that all construction workers have the right to:

  1. Employment that is dignified and respectful of their physical and mental health and safety.
  2. A decent income that enables them to pay for their housing, food, clothing, travel expenses and, more generally, adequately support themselves
  3. A job that is professionally and personally fulfilling.
  4. The right to demand that:
    • the society in which they live and that they help build give its members access to quality education, training, health services and income security, and set up all the other social programs needed to improve quality of life for all citizens.
    • the society ensure all citizens benefit from a retirement in which their basic needs are met.
    • these programs remain public and that the government stops delegating its responsibilities to the private sector, which does not adhere to the government’s social mission. Since a government in decline is unable serve the interests of the general population, the government must make use of its powers to conserve the supervisory and regulatory bodies that level social disparities.

For FTQ-Construction, it is not too much to ask that its members and all of society have the right to be born and grow in a society that upholds their inalienable rights and enables them to reach their full potential.